Landscape Design Associates of Westchester, Inc.
about01Formed in 1989, Landscape Design Associates of Westchester, Inc. is an award winning firm specializing in residential landscape installation. We are fully licensed and insured. Because of our educational background and professional experience we can follow your project from conception through construction. We can provide you with several references upon request. We feel we are unique because we are one of the only companies around with the education, experience and craftsman to tackle all facets of top shelf landscape construction. Unlike many other companies, we only commission and construct one project at a time. We want to service high end clientele with discriminating taste. You wont see any stamped concrete or pink flamingos on our website!.

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Aqua-Scape Pools
about_paretspoolAqua-Scape is our pool division, providing complete pool environments from new design and installation to full landscaping. We have been designing pools and pool surrounds for 25 years. We have worked side by side with most of the areas premiere pool companies. After the pool contractor finishes the shell, we take over the project and provide the stone work and landscaping around the pool. We coordinate and organize the entire project from conception through the permit process until completion. We limit the amount of sub contractors so the job proceeds smoothly and stress free for the client.

We offer a unique service as most pool companies provide only the pool, or the pool and a small cookie cutter patio. Most pool companies do not relate the pool to the site and just want to install the pool and move on to the next job. We want to design and install the entire pool environment for you, as well as other parts of the property not directly linked to the pool. We are environmentally sensitive and can offer you the latest technologies in pool design which will save energy and cost less to operate. Bill currently teaches a class in swimming pool design; the latest trends and technology, at the New York Botanical Garden.

LDAW Landscape Architecture, PC

LDAW provides the Landscape Architectural drawings for Landscape Design Associates.The owner of both entities is Mr. William Harris Einhorn. Mr. Einhorn is a licensed Landscape Architect in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Bill received his landscape architecture degree from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry at Syracuse University. Prior to establishing LDAW, Mr. Einhorn was the Landscape Architect at the New York Botanical Garden. Bill has also lectured for the Cornell Cooperative Extension, The Horticultural Society of New York, and various garden societies. Presently, Bill teaches several landscape design courses at The New York Botanical Garden. In 2006, Bill was awarded “Instructor of the Year” for his significant contributions to excellence in continuing education. Besides running LDAW and teaching, Bill also served as the President of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers  here in New York, and served as Chair for the Residential Design Professional Practice Network for the American Society of Landscape Architects (